About us

A little effort to give sunshine to sunset.
In metro cities like Mumbai, Pune etc. life is very easy at young age but as you grow old it is
very difficult to survive. Because here as you growing old a real challenges in life begins.
Where you have money but not humans. At old age your children’s also leave you alone. Then
grandparents have to beg at railway stations, bus stands and footpaths because of financial
conditions, sometimes their own children’s forced them to leave their own home. Sometimes,
because some grandparents don’t have children’s or they were unmarried and at the old age
there is no one to take care of them. We have grandparents found at Railway station, bus stand,
Mortuary and even at dustbin!! When we asked them why you are living in dustbin? They
answered; here at least we get food to eat!! Same situation was happened with Manoj Panchal’s
Manoj’s Grandmother had taken every effort to build her life but in return at the old age she
got only and only ignorance and sadness. Manoj had tried everything to help his grandmother
but at that time he was very small and in school so was not able to do anything for her. At that
time only he decided to help these kinds of old age people when he would become bit settle in
life. He decided to build the home for these kinds of homeless old age peoples and give them
proper food from his earnings and then work started from 2014 with 3-4 old age peoples. But
the society where Manoj resides had an objection on the old age people staying at Manoj’s
home, so he requested Nandkumar Choudhary a chawl owner for allotting them some place.
Nandkumar responded positively to the request and allotted the place to start Ashram for some
years in Umbarli village where an under construction chawl was already available and
remaining work was done by Manoj and friends (Chawl owner is not taking any rent for the
same). With all this we started the journey towards “Being Human” from just a Human.
Currently we have 22 Aaji – Ajobas staying in Ashram and living happily.
(A free clinic for poor and needy)
In big cities when a poor person gets ill they don’t treat themselves due to fear of treatment
cost. They have to bear all the illness on themselves. Doctors in cities cost at least 100 to 200
rupees plus medicines would cost up to 200 to 300 so total treatment cost would go up to 500
rupees. They can opt for government hospital but everyone knows the situation there, no proper
facilities available then if you have money get check yourself from doctor or bear all the pain
and keep quite. Most of the people live on daily wages. They are not in a position bear all the
treatment cost even most of the time they didn’t have enough money for treatment. This mostly
affects the housewife’s and small children’s as they have to deal with the illness and because
they are not getting proper treatment get severally ill.
The same situation we have seen at some areas in Dombivali city, areas like Shelar naka where
all are daily wage workers, some are carpenters, and some are household workers who have
very huge contribution towards building the cities like Dombivali. Dombivali is progressing
day by day because of people like this. They work on daily wage basis for cleaning the city,
road construction where a very hard work is involve and they are doing it on daily basis. The
lady who drops our children’s to school bus is working for her own children’s to educate them.
When we are very busy in our office work, at our home the person who took care of our old
parents is from the same area.